2 Eggs (fried or scramble), Toast/Biscuit, Hash Browns/Grits                   $4.99

Add Bacon/Sausage                                                                                               $5.99


Biscuit and Sausage Gravy                                                                                   $3.50


Fried Bologna Sandwich - "Taylor Pork Roll" fried with white                  $5.99

American cheese, lettuce, mustard, and served on toasted

Texas toast


Rip-Tide – Biscuit, 2 Eggs, (fried or scramble), Hash Browns,                     $8.99

Bacon Bits, Sautéed Onions, and Cheese piled high

and covered with Sausage Gravy


French Toast – 5 thick slices of Baguette Points served                              $6.99

with Maple Syrup and powdered sugar and choice

of Bacon/Sausage


3 Egg Omelet – Ham and Cheese or Veggie                                                      $8.50

(onion, mushroom, red pepper) served with

choice of hash browns/grits                              


Sandwiches (Texas Toast or Biscuit)                                                                 $4.99

Egg and Cheese

Sausage, Egg, and Cheese

Bacon, Egg, and Cheese


3 Pancakes with choice of Bacon/Sausage                                                      $6.99




A La Carte


Toast (Wheat/White)                                                                                               $1.25

Hash Browns                                                                                                              $1.25

Pancake (2)                                                                                                                 $1.50

Sausage Patties (2)                                                                                                    $2.25

Bacon (3 strips)                                                                                                          $2.25

Eggs (2 scrambled/fried)                                                                                          $1.50

French Toast (2 slices)                                                                                              $2.25

Biscuit (1)                                                                                                                     $1.50

Grits                                                                                                                               $1.50



Milk, Chocolate Milk, Orange Juice, Apple Juice (1 glass)                               $2.99

Coffee, Tea, Soda (Bottomless)                                                                               $2.50

Breakfast Menu

Saturday and Sunday from Memorial Day to Labor Day only

8:00 to 11:00

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